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Rockhampton Customs House
Rockhampton Customs House

Websites Rockhampton is more than “just” a website design company.  We are a highly skilled team of experienced, professional web designers and developers, complemented by Copywriters, Graphic Designers, Social Media Managers and Digital Marketers, who will build AND MAINTAIN your site with care for

  • How appealing it looks
  • Including the functionality that is required
  • Utilise the WordPress Platforms

and, most importantly,

  • How well it will bring you quality enquiries to your business.

Do you want more clients?

Perhaps you have had your site built by someone, and you paid a substantial upfront build fee, and it STILL isn’t bringing you the increased business you had hoped for.

The Good News is:

With us, for most professional service providers, there is ZERO up-front build cost!

We simply work on an affordable, monthly fee basis, with NO LOCK-IN CONTRACT.*

Did you know ….

Many “pretty” sites really aren’t that great for Google or the other Search Engines, like Bing or Yahoo?

They can’t “see” the pictures!

Best Website Strategy

The best strategy is to get the balance right – between what is best for (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation and what is visually appealing for your clients.  After all, you want them to find you (SEO), and then be thrilled with their experience.  If they can’t find you, then they will never get to see your beautiful site.

We focus first on getting you found….  That said – depending on your industry – that can sometimes take some time, but we’ll keep you updated along the way.

You may have seen some “Small Business Platforms” that tell you … You can do it yourself.  The DIY Platforms.

You’ve heard of Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, GoDaddy, Shopify, haven’t you?

Well, yes, that’s true!!  And (contrary to many, many online comments), they can rank well in Google and the other Search Engines.  In fact, our first site – Way back in 2001 – was built on Wix and held the top 18 spots on a Google Search for our Key Search Word, for many years.  Even though it WAS much easier to “rank” back then, that was still considered QUITE an accomplishment by our industry peers.

So why do we build only on WordPress?

There are a couple of reasons.

Firstly, all those platforms, if you decide to move away from the hosting that you are on …. You can’t – Well, it can be done IF you know what you’re doing or are prepared to spend considerable money to do so.  They have you trapped.  It also means that if that platform “fails”, your website, and any business connected to it, are gone – with no way of recovering it.

WordPress is the world’s leading CMS (Content Management System).  It is available practically everywhere.  It has an extraordinary number of “plug ins” to allow it the most flexible and comprehensive functionality possible.  There are also a multitude of “themes” to provide an individual look and feel to represent your business most effectively, meaning it won’t be going anywhere.  With our extensive experience, our team know exactly WHICH PLUGINS and THEMES are Reliable and Trustworthy, because sifting through them can be quite time-consuming.  We only use software applications which are fully supported, free from viruses and are robust.

If the “hosting server” (where your website “lives”) was to change their payment terms, or become less reliable, and you wanted to change …. If you were with one of the “DIY” platforms … you couldn’t change. You’re stuck.  With WordPress, you can transfer to an alternative host.  So, if, for example, your son/daughter becomes a web developer down the track, and you want to swap from us – there’s no hard feelings.  We’ll make it as easy for you as possible.*

Don’t worry if you have a site on a DIY Platform at the moment.  We will take care of you.  Our team knows the exact steps to take to ensure your business is looked after during the transfer process.

What about Online Security?

Cyber Security is a huge consideration for businesses, and one we take VERY SERIOUSLY.

Daily Backups of your site are completed so you always have a safe version available, if anything was to go wrong. (We have successfully defended against many cyber attacks and recently implemented an even stronger, leading-edge security system for your safety.)  It also means that you can’t “break your site”.  If you are entering data, and something goes awry, we can “roll it back” for you.  Included as standard.

Online Security – Your data is protected.  The functionality we utilise is world-leading, protecting you and your clients.  It is constantly monitored to ensure no risks are overlooked.  Also a standard inclusion.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) – All sites, whether they are using online money transfers or not, need an SSL certificate.  This tells the search engine that your site is safe and secure.  We include this as standard.

Hosting – Were you surprised, after you paid to have your site built, that there were ongoing costs for maintenance and hosting?  We have streamlined the entire process for you, with one simple all-inclusive monthly fee.  It’s all taken care of for you.

What types of sites?

  • A Basic Business Service Information site? No problem
  • eCommerce/Online Stores – Want to be able to take bookings and payments online? We can do that.

Need more functionality?

  • Want to set up a Referral System so your referrers get paid automatically? We can do that for a nominal fee.
  • Want to create a Directory for businesses in related industries? We can do that for a nominal fee.
  • Want to have a VIP Membership section (paid or free or a combination)? We can do that for a nominal fee.
  • Want to run Events or Fundraisers? We can do that for a nominal fee.
  • Want to have customers paying a monthly retainer or subscription? We can do that for a nominal fee.
  • Want clients to book and pay straight into your appointment calendar? We can do that for a nominal fee
  • Want to run a series of trainings? We can do that for a nominal fee.

See our Full pricing here> Services

We have so much versatility and functionality, there is very little we can’t do, so feel free to ask.

What do you get?

You get one of those fabulous sites that people often pay thousands for, up front – except ours work hard to find you more clients as well – without the upfront fee.  The basic inclusions even include up to 2 of our Functionality Upgrades, as well as the eCommerce functionality.  Extra functionality is really easy to add in as well, for a nominal fee to set it all up.

We design and build your website.  We set up all the security.  We send it out into the internet to find you the very best quality clients, who are ready to buy from you.  Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is included!!  If you are in a particularly competitive industry, we have options to SuperCharge or UltraCharge your SEO.

We just have the affordable monthly fee. (If you feel compelled to pay us for the site build – sorry – you can’t.  Please make a donation to your nearest Coast Guard or Community Radio Station, as these are the 2 NFPs we love to support.)

Inclusions and Exclusions

The Standard Inclusions are:

  • Design & Build your website
  • Security
  • SSL Certificate
  • Daily Backups
  • eCommerce included at no extra
  • Up to 2 additional Functionality Options included at no extra.
  • Updates - ongoing

Wanting more customers, faster?

Although the standard inclusions will work, it will most likely take longer and generally is not as effective if there are lots of competitors in your industry.

We will highly recommend a couple of Professional Inclusions to make the Search Engines sit up and take notice, but if it’s outside your budget for now, we can leave them out until you’re ready.  They are really important to the ultimate success of your site though.

  • We can set up your Google Search Console, so you can track your website visitors easily and link any online advertising.
  • We have a specialist team for making your Google Business listing the very best that it can be.
  • Our copywriters can provide you with the highest quality, original website content that the search engines will love.
  • The talented Graphic Design team will make sure everything is eye-poppingly terrific. If you need a brand makeover (Logo, Stationery, Email Signatures, Flyers or Presentations), they can handle for you that too.

You can see the full list here> Services

Your Responsibilities

You need to get us the information that we request as quickly as possible.  If you are supplying images, then you will need send these promptly.   We try to keep it as simple and streamlined as possible for you though.  We have a simple file transfer service to take care of this for you.

You will own your Domain Name

Whether you have one already or not, you will own your Domain Name.  That’s the www part of your site.  We will guide you through obtaining yours if you don’t already have one.  That way, you know you always have the ultimate control of  your business asset.  We will need to access it though to set everything up properly for you.  We do keep a diary note of when your renewals are due, so as long as you are a client of ours, you will get a prompt to check that all your details are up to date so you don’t miss the renewal.

Rockhampton Post Office
Previous Rockhampton Post Office

Our Services


  • Standard
  • eCommerce
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Appointment Calendar
  • Business Directory
  • Events Coordination
  • Fundraiser
  • eLearning Platform
  • Membership
  • Subscription
  • Affiliates
  • Commissions

No matter what you need your website to achieve, we can handle it!  We work with WordPress, which has an amazing amount of functionality to cover almost any purpose.  We even include your Online Shop as part of all Standard Packages!!

Domain Name Purchase

If you have your domain already, that's great.  If not, don't worry - you don't need it straight away.  If you're not sure what to choose, then we are happy to have a chat with you to narrow the options.

Content Creation/Copywriting

Unique, original and consistently updated content is important to the Search Engines like Google.  Take the stress away, of needing to constantly write more articles, by letting our dedicated professional team take care of it all for you.

Want your initial website content to be the best it can be?  We have a very affordable package to help you out.


If images are inserted correctly, they can be very powerful in the Search Engines, giving you even more online visibility.  Our team can source them for you, or you can provide them and we will make sure all the correct information is entered.

Marketing Videos

Video is becoming more and more powerful.  We can create your unique marketing videos to share your business message even further.

Audio Recording

Need a voice-over to match your images and videos?  We can take care of that for you with a Professional recording at very competitive rates.

Video or Audio Editing

Need some tweaking on your video or audio?  We will make everything as professionally sounding and looking as possible.

Google My Business Optimisation

Google loves Google, so you need more than "just your GMB Listing".  It needs to be properly set up and optimised for full effect.  Fortunately, we specialise in this service.

Guaranteed New Clients or Customers:

  • Supercharged Package
  • Ultracharged Package

A business without customers or clients is really no business at all.  With our Ultracharged and Supercharged New Client Packages, we GUARANTEE to deliver new quality clients to you.

Lead Source Tracking Service

Want to keep track of where your new business is coming from?  Simple, easy to read reports are prepared monthly for you.

Graphic Design

The professional, experienced Graphic Design team can help out with anything from a Logo Design with Style & Colour Guide, to a full re-brand of stationery, brochures, banners, signage and more.

Social Media Management

Time-poor business owners can find Social Media very draining, even though they recognise how important it is to be there to engage with your clients.  We have the answer.  WE can take care of everything for you.

YouTube Management

Take your marketing video strategy to a greater level.  With regular new video creation and uploads, you can enjoy the new online profile this underutilised platform can deliver.

GMB Management

Like yesterday's newspaper, the previous articles are soon discarded and forgotten.  Google like fresh, valuable content being delivered regularly.  We are here for you.

Blog Articles

Maintain the relevance of your website with ease.  We write the articles, create or source the images, upload to your site and fully flesh out the Search Engine Optimisation.

Professional Email Address

Move away from the hotmail, gmail or live email addresses and develop a more professional image with your own business email address.  We will get you set up with this so you can communicate professionally with your clients and customers. [email protected]

Email Newsletters

Let your list know about upcoming events, special offers or feature products and services without the hassle of trying to deliver a professional and effective regular newsletter.  We will design and deliver for you.

Fitzroy River Bridge and Riverside Park, Rockhampton
Fitzroy River Bridge and Riverside Park, Rockhampton

What about After your Site is Completed?

If you’ve been to any of the Business Presentations at the Smart Hub, put on by Rockhampton Regional Council, or at the Resilience Hub in Yeppoon, presented by Livingstone Shire Council, you will know that marketing is an ongoing process.  Digital Marketing has many advantages to be able to reach the right people at the best rates as quickly as possible. If you stop marketing though, your business could suffer.  WE have everything in place to help you out.

Social Media

We won’t leave you stranded!  Marketing is an all-encompassing process, and your website is just part of this.  Your clients are sure to check you out on Social Media (Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram etc), so it’s important that these are managed efficiently and consistently …. And effectively!  Most business owners don’t have time to do this themselves, and they sometimes use a “young person” who may know about social media – but if they don’t have a strong marketing background, this can be ineffectual, or even detrimental.  We are here to look after you.

Fresh content for your website

The search engines like regular, fresh, quality, original content.  If you don’t have the writing skills, or the time, to create optimised content on a frequent basis, then leave it to us.  We will help you with this. We can even get it out to the Wold Wide Web for you so even more people get to know about you.

Online Advertising

Whether it’s Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linked In Marketing, or any of the other Paid Digital Marketing Channels, our experienced team is available to assist.  Our Website Strategy is designed to work without the paid advertising component, but if you are looking for quick results, or having a special promotion, they can be very effective.

In Summary

  • No upfront build cost for most of our clients (a small nominal fee for additional functionality) – just an affordable monthly fee – for a website your clientele will love and the Search Engines will adore.
  • Hosting, Backups, Security Monitoring, SSL are all included.
  • Add some SuperCharged Extra Professional Services to really get it pumping as quickly as possible
  • Let us take care of your Social Media and updating your content so your website continues to work well, on and on and on.




*Exit Fee applies if you choose to transfer from our server, as we need to acquire your licenses for all software and plugins utilised in your site.

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