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OVER $100,000 in value

of standard websites to local businesses to help them digitise.

Please watch the video to learn more about this generous offer

and complete the expression of interest form

so we can let you know as soon as they are ready to go.


HAHA ... Talk about "warts & all" .... I wanted to get this to you asap ... so here I am ... in my caravan which I live in (the nomadic life .... a whole other story) ... and you can see the towel at the back to block out the light and the sandflies ... Oh well ... it's the content that's important.

Our quality website designs are valued at in excess of $3500+GST each!

WHILE STOCKS LAST - Easy As Marketing has 30 pre-built sites to get small businesses affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic.

(If you feel compelled to pay us for the site build – sorry – you can’t.  Please make a donation to your nearest Volunteer Coast Guard or Community Radio Station, as these are the 2 NFPs we love to support.)

THE FINE PRINT .... Let's get it in the open straight up.

The design is being gifted - a maximum of 30 websites - being

10 - eCommerce/Retail online sites

10 - Service Provider sites

10 - Coach/Speaker sites

If you require copywriting or graphic design services, fees will be applicable - quite moderate though.

For a limited time:

Professional Copy Written - Full standard site - (excl product/service descriptions) - Usually $650+GST - reduced to $350+GST.

Professional Logo Design - incl Style Guide - Usually $250+GST - reduced to $150+GST.

Graphics - Search fee - waived.

or you can provide your own Copy and Logo and Graphics.


You will need to pay:

Ongoing Costs - $150+GST per month - which covers all your maintenance, updates (2 hrs per month), security, backups, hosting, SSL security certificate.

Our Maintenance Services work on an affordable, monthly fee basis, with NO LOCK-IN CONTRACT (Minimum 6 months apply on some services).*


Did you know ….

Many “pretty” sites really aren’t that great for Google or the other Search Engines, like Bing or Yahoo?

They can’t “see” the pictures!

Please Register your Expression of Interest!

If you are interested in securing one of these Pre-Built sites, please enter your details below, and we will be in contact as soon as they are ready.

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