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Using a Strong Mix of Marketing Strategies to Build Your Business Profile

Businesses have always had to rely on marketing to promote themselves, but never before has marketing been as important as it is today. Be it in the physical world or the virtual one, businesses operating in the same industry/niche are fighting tooth and nail to get ahead of the competition, and marketing strategies are their choicest weapons.

In this post, we’ll take a look at certain marketing strategy that will deliver positive results for your business and ensure its growth without draining it dry of resources. Let’s begin!

1. Social media marketing

The most popular social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter) make for the best places to get the word out about your business, as you can get your basic promotion and marketing done for free. Of course, there are paid advertising options that enhance the reach of your marketing efforts, but for small businesses that are just starting, the free option isn’t bad.

Your social media marketing strategy should consist of certain elements that you’ll need to stick to, such as posting regularly across the platforms, the kind of content you’ll be posting, etc.

Businesses have always had to rely on marketing to promote themselves, but never before has marketing been as important as it is today.

2. Authority blogging platforms

Your business will only be successful if it manages to solve its target audience’s problems effectively. Sure, your products and/or services may go some way towards solving them, but how do you convince people to choose your business over your competitors? The answer lies in authority blogging, through which you can put your expertise in your business niche on display in front of a mammoth audience.

As well as Medium, Quora, Reddit, and LinkedIn, the Brisbane Small Business portal is an excellent authority blogging platform where you can answer your target audience’s questions and at the same time, promote your business.

3. Email marketing

When social media posts and blogs go unseen, you can count on the good old email to deliver results on the marketing front. The first step to effective email marketing is to extract the email IDs of the people visiting your website by offering something like a free download in exchange. Once you have several email IDs, you need to create a mailing list, which will allow you to send promotional emails to numerous people simultaneously.

A wide variety of email marketing tools are available online, in both free and paid versions. Experiment with them and see what works best for you. MailChimp, Omnisend, and HubSpot Email Marketing are some of the standout tools.

4. Don’t forget print marketing

In an age where everything’s heading in the digital direction, you may be forgiven for thinking “Who reads newspapers and magazines anymore?” However, the fact is that print media is still alive. Sure, its popularity may have gone down, but the most reputed newspapers such as The Courier-Mail and Queensland Times are still going strong.

Remember to develop and design ads for print media and mix them with your digital efforts for greater reach.

When it comes to mixing various marketing strategies for a small business, you must ensure that you don’t go beyond your financial capacity. Let the more affordable and reasonable options give you results first. Once your business starts earning a substantial profit consistently, you can explore more adventurous and expensive marketing strategies.

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