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How much difference can Professional Graphic Design make to your business?

  • Your business message stands out and is consistent
    • Every time your prospect or client sees something from your business, it has a ring of familiarity. They feel connected to you through your brand, style and image.
  • It raises your perceived professionalism
    • A prospect checking you out develops a sense of your professionalism.  They intuitively “feel” that if you have put the extra effort into your business presentation, you will go the extra mile for them too.
  • Your time is better spent on and in your business
    • Unless you are an experienced Graphic Designer – they will do it faster, and better, than you can.  Hand the task to the designer, then use the time to complete your activities that are priorities for you. At the end, you have both tasks completed to the highest standard possible.
  • You receive designs in the appropriate format
    • The requirements are different if your image is to be used on a small computer screen or a large digital billboard, or printed on a business card or used on a pull-up banner.  All too often we hear something like “my printer tells me that my logo won’t look clear on my pull-up banner”.  This is because the image has been created in the wrong format.  Professional designers present their creations in the appropriate format for the use intended, and generally – in multiple formats for use in different projects.
  • Share your message as an image – people “get it” faster.
    • A picture speaks a thousand words.  A well-designed graphic will get your message to your audience swiftly, which is invaluable in today’s fast-paced social world.

What is Graphic Design?

It is the consistent design elements of your business. It creates a recognisable perception across everything you present – your social media, website, flyers and brochures.  But more than that … it captures an innovative psychological connection, which is built from your colours, your logo, the style of images you use, the layout of your documents and ads.

What is the difference between a Graphic Designer and a Graphic Artist?

In simplistic terms, a graphic designer uses shapes, colours and elements to create unique and original layouts, designs and images. A graphic artist draws and converts their image into a digital format.

I can quickly create something in “canva” or similar – Yes, you can. But ask yourself, is it your BEST use of time for your business, and will it give you the very best results?

I can just find someone on fiverr or upwork – The work originality often isn’t available through these platforms. You can leave yourself open to getting something that is simply a collection of elements joined together.  Realistically, someone else could end up with your design as well.  Also, the next time you need something, the person you used may not be there any more, and you need to start the search from the beginning.

I don’t need something every month – just once in a while – Of course. Like most businesses. Once projects are designed, they can be used multiple times, so a new design isn’t necessary.  We are fine with that.

But doesn’t it cost a lot?  Some Graphic Design companies do charge a great deal, however, we are focused on assisting small business owners, so we keep our pricing at an affordable level.  There are various packages available, so you can pre-purchase and have your designs created as required.

Have an idea in mind?  Contact us to discuss how we can bring your idea to life.

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