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Why curating content is important

One of the important parts of any social media strategy is that you have to curate your content. Why? Because just like any plan, this strategy can actually save you time and will keep you consistent and agile with your work process. Let me share why every marketer should curate their social media content channels and how to easily do it.

Basically, curating your content simply means that you actually share content from other sources. Let’s face it, at times creating valuable and compelling content can really be challenging but curating content could be a big relief for you. If you consider integrating your curated content into your content schedule it will then help you engage with your audience consistently and it can even make you a competent leader in your industry.

How to?

First, you have to Define Your Content & Aesthetic- Essentially this will help you narrow down the type of images or content you are looking for as well as the sources they will come from.

Second, choose your sources- after figuring out what kind of content you’d like to share; it’s time to choose sources. They say that this is the most time consuming part of curating content but the beauty of completing the first step is that you’ll have a few go to sources for your content and images.  This way you’ll easily know where you can find what you need and this is going to free up more time for you to find some great sources as well.  

Third, you need to organize and create a bank of curated content – whether, it’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you need to work out a collated list that you can use to get yourself together before the next step:

Lastly, you have to plan your feed- the essence of planning is to save time and get each and every post out of the way by simply planning out your feed and where your curated content will go. You’ll see that this will save you time and give you a chance to take a look at your social media feed as a whole. This applies significantly for visual networks like Instagram.  

 So if you want to elevate the look of your feed or want to fill gaps in your content, you need to establish yourself first as a valuable resource. You want followers so show them little love by featuring them and curating content that can help bring your social media and theirs to the next level. Haven’t tried curating content yet? Let’s talk about it, message us here on Facebook.

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