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Anatomy of a Sales Letter or Sales Page

Have you ever wished you had a simple step-by-step template to write a sales letter or sales landing page?  One that is proven to work time and time again, which can just be tweaked to suit your service, product or business.  Well … here you go – with my compliments:Purchase this Wireless Smartphone charging dock from Easy As Marketing directly from this sales letter

When you know you need to tackle the ever-present challenge of cashflow to avoid the peaks and troughs of business, the task can seem daunting.

A template to follow can be useful.

This 18-step sales letter can be tailored to suit any of the specific services or products that you offer.  Try to keep it as focused as possible for best effect.

It can then be used as sales letter for an email mailout or the landing page for a marketing promotion.

Part 1

Attention Grabbing Headline. 

If you miss this, you may as well not  bother with the rest.  If you struggle with headlines, take a look at some of the free online headline generators to help you out.


Industry Expert Spills the Beans on the best way to use [SERVICE] to beat the [PROBLEM/CHALLENGE]

Part 2

Highlight Service or Product and Result

Part 3


Dear Friend.

You can also include the sender details (yours) and the date/time if you wish.

Part 4

Ask a couple of Questions in your Sales Letter Focus section

Focus the reader to ensure they are going to read the whole article/page/letter.  Identify the greatest challenge that they have.

Firstly what they want (the solution to the challenge)

Secondly what they want to avoid (the challenges they no longer want to put up with)


Are you looking for a proven [TYPE OF BUSINESS] professional to help you with [MAIN CHALLENGE]

Have you had enough of trying to take care of [CHALLENGE] on your own and just want someone to help you deal with it so you can relax and enjoy life.


Purchase this clip on smartphone night light lamp from Easy As Marketing directly from this sales letterPart 5

Dot Points – 4 benefits of your business.

Be careful NOT to put features here.  Ask what the client will experience from using your service or product.  Your sales letter should evoke emotion in the reader.

  • [benefit of your service]
  • [benefit of your service]
  • [benefit of your service]
  • [benefit of your service]

Part 6

Invitation to continue

Include the reason they should keep reading.


Please read on …

Because you are about to discover how people like you have already experienced [POSITIVE OUTCOME 1, POSITIVE OUTCOME 2 AND POSITIVE OUTCOME 3] since they began working with me/using this product.

They no longer have [CHALLENGE 1] …  no [CHALLENGE 2] … not even any [CHALLENGE 3]

Part 7

A BRIEF outline of you and your business.

You need to inspire a bit of confidence in the readers with your sales letter.  Why should they believe you or work with you? What makes you the expert? or What makes the product superior to others?


Number of years’ experience

Number of people helped

Why you do what you do

What you have invested or sacrificed to obtain the knowledge you now have

Your credentials

Reassure them that you are the right person for the job.


How long the product has been available

Number of people helped

Why it was developed – Who it is designed to help

What was involved in creating it

The features of the product

Reassure them that it is the perfect solution for their need.


Part 8

More detail about the full range of services or products you offer. 

Be sure to emphasise the benefits the reader will enjoy from each of them.

Address the obstacle of budget at this point.

Part 9

List the expectations the reader will have fulfilled through working with you or using the product.

Reassure them with an explanation of your commitment to their positive results.

Part 10


3-5 testimonials (real) from clients who have experienced the exact improvements this letter speaks about.

Part 11

Purchase this Bluetooth Transmitter from Easy As Marketing directly from this sales letterGuarantee

Remove the risk.  Offer a guarantee to demonstrate how serious you are.

Highlight the fact that they have no risk in working with you or using your product.

Part 12

Discuss the value you offer, rather than the cost.

Identify what it is costing them to continue dealing with the challenges they currently have.

Specify what they can save by working with you or using your product.

Outline any payment options you have available

Part 13

Call to Action

Tell  your readers what to do


Phone xxxx now to book your xxx introductory consultation, or simply fill out the form on this page.

Part 14


Repeat the 2 primary challenges you will help them overcome.

Explain how the consultation will help them specifically.

Remind them of no risk.

Place a time limit on the bookings.  Have a real reason for them to act swiftly.

Part 15

Call To Action 2

Repeat the best way to contact you to make the booking

If this is being delivered online – have a clickable link – otherwise write the website link in a simple format for the reader.

Part 16

Final reassurance that the challenge can be overcome.

State the solution and benefits they will have once they have worked with you or used the product.

Part 17

Sign Off as you and your company name


Part 18


Put the link to the booking form or purchase link in here so it is easy for the reader to find when they have read through.


Feel free to alter this sales letter as much as you wish – after all, it is your content and your audience.  This is a proven template though, to guide the reader though the thought processes, from “cold contact – I don’t know you” to “yes, I understand how you can help me and I want to work with you”.


Please feel free to share your sales letters or landing pages using this template in the comments.Promote your business on our Easy As Marketing website directly from this sales letter


Until next time


Elle Butler

Easy As Marketing

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